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"I don’t think I’ll ever dry out."

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oh my. & goodness. beautiful face_beautiful spirit.


oh my. & goodness. beautiful face_beautiful spirit.

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Excerpt from “The Harvest Bow” by Seamus Heaney


As you plaited the harvest bow 
You implicated the mellowed silence in you 
In wheat that does not rust 
But brightens as it tightens twist by twist 
Into a knowable corona, 
A throwaway love-knot of straw.

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by Mira Heo

by Mira Heo

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"In Britain, students don’t begin paying off their loans until they find stable employment, and the cost is in proportion to their earnings. Australia similarly ties the cost of paying off the loan to the income of the graduate. In Denmark, education is considered a right by the people and an investment by the government, and is therefore free. Some students are even offered a stipend by the government to defray costs. Norway has a similar system of higher education, and in Sweden, students pay only a small fee.

In America? The university is considered a commodity, one that can easily be purchased by the wealthy, but not the poor. These approaches represent a fundamentally different cultural attitude: elsewhere, education is a public good, an investment or a right; in the U.S., it’s a privilege reserved for wealthy elites …"

- More:Does America hate millennials? - Sean McElwee | Salon (via verbalresistance)

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Marrie Bot

Liesbeth (76) et Cor (70), from the series Timeless Love, 2004

c-print, 115 x 136 cm

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